General SCRIP Information

      • SCRIP is a fundraising program that costs you nothing!

      • You pay the face value for a gift card and get a card that has the cash value of what you paid (no cost!)

      • The fundraising part happens when Carroll Band Boosters purchases the gift card for you. We purchase the gift card at a reduced price. The leftover cash that you have paid for the card stays with the band (the rebate). The rebate is split between your student’s account (SIA - 90%) and the general fund to help defray costs associated with the program (general fund – 10%).

      • Example:

              • Buy a $100.00 Bath and Body Works card and pay $100.00 for it.

              • Bath and Body Works has a 12% rebate.

              • Carroll Band Boosters buys the card for $88.00.

              • You receive a gift card worth $100.00 to spend at Bath and Body Works.

              • The $12.00 rebate is split as follows: $10.80 into your student’s SIA, and $1.20 into the general fund. (rebate distribution is subject to change as established by Carroll Band Boosters)

  • You can use the SCRIP rebate funds for band fees, trip fees, and sometimes other costs that will be communicated to you by Mr. Hassell.

  • There are 3 types of SCRIP gift cards: physical gift cards, reloadable gift cards, and eGift Cards.

  • You can place SCRIP orders online at any time.

      • Orders for physical gift cards are processed every other Sunday by the SCRIP Coordinator, unless holidays, or other events disrupt this schedule. Please consult the Charms calendar for order dates. Orders are due at 6:00 pm on order Sundays. Any orders placed after 6:00 pm may not be processed until the following order.

      • Orders for eGift Cards will be processed immediately, and the funds are available within a minute or two. eGift Cards can be ordered at, or thru the RaiseRight App on your cell phone. If you have any questions about the RaiseRight App, please contact coordinator.

      • The easiest payment method is through online payments, which is very similar to PayPal, and it protects your banking information in the same way. You must use Online payments when ordering eGift Cards.

      • The other option for payment is a credit card. They have a 2.6% fee for this option.

      • Cash or Check payments will not be accepted for SCRIP.

· Order pick-up is almost always the Thursday after order Sunday. Like the order date, this may change due to holidays or other events (see Band App calendar). During marching band season, pick up will be at the practice field during the parent preview. For the remainder of the year, pick up will be at the coordinator’s house (see address below), unless otherwise posted.

  • SCRIP will only be released to your student if you send a request in writing stating that this is what you would like to happen. SCRIP is the same as cash. We only want you to determine if your student is responsible enough to get your order to you. Please send the request to

How to sign up for SCRIP

*** Very Important: You will need to fill out the SCRIP Agreement form prior to placing any scrip orders. This is now a google form:

How to sign up for SCRIP

1. Go to

2. Click Sign Up at the top of the page

3. Enter enrollment code: A3ELBF384476, an click on Join a Program

4. Follow sign up instructions. Please put full name of student under “who are you fundraising for.” Also, please put Mr. Hassell as classroom/group.

How to sign up for Online Payments

Once you have created your account:

1. Click on Account at the top right side of page

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Payment options

4. Click on Add Bank Account

5. Follow the steps to automatically link your bank account

Please note that a small $0.15 convenience fee will apply to each order.

You can also pay online with your credit card

· Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted.

· There is a 2.6% fee for each transaction.

**Check / Cash payments will not be accepted.

Raise Right App

**Download the RaiseRight App on your phone. You will use the same user ID and password as on the website. It is easy use, and very convenient for ordering e-cards while you are out somewhere, and you will have your e-card within a minute or two. You can also order plastic cards and reload your reloadable cards on the app as well.

Please email or text any questions or issues.

SCRIP Coordinator:

Amy Lee

1404 Rambler Rd

Huntertown, IN 46748

(260) 409-5947 (call or text)