Each year, Carroll typically has three Jazz Bands and two Jazz Combos. Just about everyone who wants to play in a jazz band is allowed to, but to be in the top Jazz Band (Jazz 1) auditions are required. Jazz 1 is the only jazz band class offered as a regular class and it meets both 1st and 2nd Semester. The other groups meet after school starting around November.

Carroll High School's Jazz Band program has had the opportunity to be ISSMA State Finalists for the past four years, and in 2016 we were the top Honor Band at ISSMA State!

JAZZ 2 and JAZZ 3 signups will occur typically in December. Then rehearsals typically start in January right after the holidays, and meet weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays right after school, with occasional Thursdays as well. ALWAYS REFER TO CHARMS CALENDAR for any changes to this schedule!

2018-2019 Jazz Band Performances

10/24/18 - NACS Band Extravaganza (Jazz 1 only)

12/14&15/2018 - CHS Holiday Concert (Jazz 1 only)

1/15/2019 - CHS Jazz Jam (Jazz 1, Combo 1)

1/19/2019 - Purdue University Jazz Festival (Jazz 1, Combo 1) - cancelled due to weather

2/5/2019 - Purdue FORT WAYNE Jazz Festival (Jazz 1)

2/8/19 - Dekalb Pulled Pork Dinner (Jazz 1,2, & 3)

2/9/19 - Snider HS Jazz Festival (Jazz 1,2,3, Combo 1,2)

2/16/19 - North Side HS Jazz Festival (Jazz 1,2,3, Combo 1,2)

3/1 & 2/19 - ISSMA Jazz Festival at CHS

3/9/19 - Northrop Jazz Festival (Jazz 1,2,3, Combo 1,2)

3/15/19 - ISSMA State Jazz Festival (must qualify) (Jazz 1)

4/16/19 - CHS Spring Concert (Jazz 1)

5/10/19 - CHS Jazz Cafe (All Jazz groups)

5/22 - Fine Arts Night (Jazz 1, Combo 1,2)

2019 Jazz Ensemble 1

Under the direction of Mr. Doug Hassell


Sean Huynh

Jonathon Thomas

Andrew Chester

J.P. Susantio

Megan Tarlton

Alyssa Parr


Ethan Hacker

Alex Barb

Ryan Nielsen

Henry Meyer

John Taller


Max Niblick

Sam Parnin

Casey Burchett

Michael Thomas

Henry Wellman

Aaron Parr


Zach Kern

Sam Graham

Derek Chin

Z.Z. Kokonaing

Luke Stockel

2019 Jazz Combo 1

Under the direction of Mr. Brandon Ford

Flute - Alyssa Parr

Saxophone - Sean Huynh

Trumpet - Sam Parnin

Guitar - Luke Stockel

Drums - Zach Kern

Bass - Z.Z. Kokonaing

Piano - Maiah Deogracias

Photo Albums

2019-01-15 Jazz Jam