Student Individual Accounts



Each active band student has or will have a Student Individual Account (SIA) created by the Carroll High School Band Booster Treasurer. The SIA’s purpose is to reflect each student’s fees, when they are due, and to record the financial transactions between the Band Booster Organization and individual families. In addition, the SIA will serve as a repository for earned rebates by the families thru fundraising programs, such as SCRIP. The funds in the SIA can be allocated only for specific, eligible uses, as outlined below. All transactions and balance of each family’s SIA can be viewed when the student/family logs into Charms and selects the “Finances” tab. SIA monies will be accounted for and tracked by the Booster Treasurer.


SIA accounts will be considered either “Active” or “Inactive” based upon the following definitions:

Active Individual Student SIA account – is for current band/guard members. It is an account that is not an Inactive Individual Student SIA Account.

Inactive Individual Student SIA account – is an account that:

1) has had no activity for one year preceding the current school year; whether in the form of a deposit or transfer.

2) the student / family:

a. has graduated;

b. has moved out of the NACS school district and no longer attends Carroll High School;

c. has indicated in writing to either the Director, Assistant Director and/or Treasurer their participation in a fee based band program is no longer being pursued; or

d. indicates, in writing to the above individuals for reasons not listed above, the SIA account is no longer required.

3) the student / family has identified a middle school family member that will participate in a fee based band program in the future, for which the account can only be held open for 3 years following such notification in writing.


The following identifies eligible uses for Active Individual Student SIA account monies (Exceptions to these uses may be approved by the majority of the board):

1) Fees for:

a. Marching Band (including Color Guard)

b. Winter Drum Line / Indoor Percussion

c. Winter Guard

d. Cadet Guard

e. Jazz Band

2) Travel Expenses for (But only after satisfying fees for current year in section 1 of Eligible Uses, above):

a. 4 Year Trip

b. Annual trips as identified by the Director / Assistant Director

c. Any other travel expense as identified by the Director / Assistant Director when presenting the annual budget.

3) Uniform Expenses for:

a. Color GuardWarm-ups (Marching Band)

b. Color Guard shoes (Marching Band)

c. Marching Band Shoes

d. Concert Band Uniform Accessories

e. Any other Uniform expense as identified by the Director / Assistant Director when presenting the annual budget.

4) Transfers to:

a. Uniform Fund

b. Truck / Trailer Fund

c. Scholarship / Financial Assistance Fund

d. Another Active Individual Student SIA account

e. Trip Ledger

f. Another fund as identified by the Booster Board.


The following identifies ineligible uses for Active Individual Student SIA account monies:

1) Personally owned instrument repairs

2) Show Choir or Show Choir Band Fees

3) Spiritwear if fees are not current (note: Board reserves the right to deny purchase of Spiritwear items until fees are current).

4) Other items as determined by Treasurer


The Treasurer may “auto-pay” the students fees, upon its due date, with SIA money should the families elect.

However, should any student / parent prefer to retain SIA balances for another future fee based band program (as described above), the parent is responsible for communicating this information in writing to the Treasurer.