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Your student has decided to participate in what we feel are the best programs at Carroll High School (but we may be a little bit biased!).    On this page you will find information on band fees, fundraisers, boosters, and other parent concerns.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please email Mr. Hassell (pronounced "huh-SELL") at   If you are on Facebook, please join our private parent groups.  Many of the more common questions are answered there.  On Facebook, go to the "Charger Pride Band Parents" page and ask to join.

BAND FEES -- How are they determined?

Each band and guard program offered at Carroll High School has some kind of a fee associated with it.    These fees are determined by many factors:  uniform cost, outside instructional cost, program design and arrangement costs, transportation fees, entry fees, number of kids participating... the list varies depending on the program involved.  PLEASE KNOW that we try and keep these fees as low as possible!  We are very open and up front about why costs are what they are, so if you have any questions, please contact Mr. Hassell.

Now, in order for each of these programs to get funded, there are two ways of getting money:  from the parents/guardians of the students involved in each program, and by fundraising by the Boosters.    

Fundraisers benefit in two ways:  they can be applied to your kid's Student Individual Account to help offset your student's band expenses, and they can go into the Booster General Fund.  The more money that goes into the Booster General Fund, the lower the band fees for everyone!  Winner Winner!

How to pay for your band fees...

How to benefit the whole band...


If you have a child in any of the band/guard programs at Carroll High School, then CONGRATULATIONS! -- you are a Band Booster!   

The boosters are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which helps the Instrumental Music Programs at Carroll High School in two major ways:  1) raise funds, and  2) serve in multiple ways to help our band directors and support staff have successful programs.  While we do have monthly booster meetings and have real officers and stuff, the fun part is what we get to do for the band programs!  We feed kids, chaperone on buses, decorate lockers, move large percussion instruments around,  run fundraisers, support all kids in all of the programs, and basically have a BLAST doing it!  You will want to get involved with this fun group of parents.  To find out more about the boosters, go to the Boosters page.

Tips for Marching Band Parents

Some wisdom from other parents!  Please click here.