As a student coming in to the band programs at Carroll, there can be quite a few questions about band. Please view the information below to find answers to many of these questions. Still have more questions? Please contact Mr. Hassell.

Being in the Marching Band DOES meet the Graduation Pathways Requirement of a “service-based learning experience:”

Here is a short video of the Carroll "Charger Pride" Marching Band experience!

JOINING BAND - Make sure you get it on your Class Schedule

Q: I can’t seem to fit band into my schedule, so does that mean I just can’t be in band?

A: There are several options. There may be alternative class offerings such as Summer P.E. Talk with your middle school directors, Mr. Hassell/Mr. Frazier, or your CFC Counselor to see what options are available for you. There is almost always a way to make it work. Please don’t assume that you have no other options. Many of our students utilize these options.

Q. I hear that marching band takes up a lot of time in the summer. Is that true?

A. There are summer commitments, but the majority of the summer is not filled with them. We will rehearse in the evenings in early June (May 31-June 3 from 6 to 9pm) ). The next full band commitment is the week of July 19. Percussion and guard will rehearse a week prior to that, but everyone begins together on July 19th and rehearses during the day for three weeks. Week of July 19 is 2-5, and 6-9pm, which does not conflict with summer school, as summer school ends at 1:00 pm. The next two weeks are 1pm-4:30, and 5:30 to 9) . All three weeks have an hour for lunch in the middle of the day. (See Calendar on our website: )

Q. I’ve heard that marching band can be kind of expensive – that is a concern for me. What should I do?

A. We have several fundraising options that can help you raise money to pay for fees and other money-related items. If money is a concern, the best thing to do is to communicate with Mr. Hassell and Mr. Frazier. They can help you with some options.

Q I want to play in band, but really don’t want to march. What should I do?

A. If you know for sure that marching band isn’t your thing, you need to take either Beginning Concert Band White or Blue. (You will be recommended for one of them by your director) These are the non-marching oriented concert bands If you just aren’t sure about marching, talk to Mr. Hassell and Mr. Frazier - they may have some ideas for you.

Q. I really want to play in Jazz band, but it says there is an audition? What do I do?

A. We actually have three jazz ensembles and two jazz combos at CHS. Jazz I is a class and is audition-based. Jazz II and Jazz III are extra-curricular and meet after school. There will be an actual audition during early-February for Jazz I. If interested in being in Jazz 1, the best thing to do is to put Jazz I on your schedule. If you don’t make it, you can swap that class out another band class Jazz II and III usually begin at the beginning of the second semester. There will be Jazz II and III information meeting in the fall. The jazz combos are both extra-curricular, as well, and will have fall auditions.

Q. I see multiple band classes, but don’t know which class to take. Which one should I sign up for?

A. ALL brass and woodwind players – who plan to be in marching band - should sign up for SYMPHONIC BAND (formerly Intermediate Band). ALL percussionists who wish to be a part of the marching band should sign up for INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE (this is a percussion only class) for the 1st semester. Marching band percussionists will then need to sign up for SYMPHONIC BAND 2nd semester. ALL students who DO NOT wish to be a part of the marching band sign up for Beginning Band White or Blue. Students who wish to be in color guard but would also like to play their instrument should take Beginning Band White 1st semester and Symphonic Band 2nd semester. (See separate “flow Chart)

Q. This seems like a lot of information – Will there be additional meetings to provide information closer to the start of things?

A. We will have marching band Informational meeting on Monday, March 9 at 6pm. Location (In person and/or Virtual TBD)

If you have any questions regarding ANY of these items, or any other questions related to high school band, please contact Mr. Hassell or Mr. Frazier.

Mr. Hassell’s Contact Info:
Office Ph
one: 338-5330 ex 3330

Mr. Frazier’s Contact Info:
Office phone:
338-5330 ex 3316

Flowchart: Carroll Bands Course Selection

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Marching Band Rehearsals and Band Camp Info

Please see the schedule of rehearsals and performances on the Marching Band page. Keep an eye on the Charms calendar (home page of this website) for dates and times.



  • Your instrument.

  • Your music in a 3-ring binder.

  • Lanyard or string/shoelaces to hold drill book


  • Beach Towel

  • Fanny Pack to put your drill book in

  • White & Black 1" Electrical Tape

  • For weapons: Screw drivers (flat blade and phillips)


  • Drill book (this will be explained during practice).

  • Big jug of Ice Water.

  • Sunscreen (Hats are good too!) Lip balm with SPF.

  • Bug spray for evening rehearsals.

  • Gym shoes -- no sandals!

  • Dress for the weather.

  • Lunch for all-day camp days (see below).

Where to go: The first days of rehearsals will start in the band room. Sometimes practice will begin at the Band Practice field. This is located off Carroll Rd to the west of the school behind the tennis courts. Your director will tell you where to meet. IF YOU ARE GETTING DROPPED OFF, you may enter Door 40 which is right next to the band room (enter the parking lot at the stop light on Carroll Rd.). IF YOU ARE DRIVING YOURSELF: Students AND parents parking at the school MUST park in the student parking lot off Bethel Rd. and enter door 13. They are not to park in the lot adjacent to door 40 at any time. Door 40 is strictly for dropping off and picking up.

Meals: During rehearsals when there is a meal break you can either: pack a meal, have a parent drop off a meal for you, or pre-order a meal from the boosters. There are no refrigerators or microwaves available for use. There will be order forms for fast food meals that you can pay for and the boosters will deliver for your meal breaks. These order forms come out about every month during marching band season and will be on the front page of this website when it is time to order.